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We are committed to the success
of our clients and provide outstanding
customer service, guidance, and support.

Midwest Amusements provides various amusement devices to bars, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, and other establishments. Midwest focuses on installing and servicing multi-game skill machines and entertaining devices in locations to maximize profits, attract recurring play, and significantly increase revenue. TRESTLE is the parent company of Midwest Amusements. TRESTLE develops various multi-gaming platforms, manufactures a variety of gaming cabinets, and associated parts. TRESTLE provides Midwest with the software and hardware customized to be compliant with laws and regulations of different jurisdictions.


Midwest provides 24/7 servicing for any technical issues. We actively get to know the management and staff at all their locations and perform frequent game performance analyses. Midwest is committed to the success of its customers and provides outstanding customer service, guidance, and support. We will obtain all the necessary certifications, licenses, and decals at zero cost to you or your business.


Midwest provides cutting-edge innovation & advanced technologies and solutions. We bring a player-focused, comfortable & ergonomic stylish cabinet design. Midwest has a wide portfolio of electrifying games and exciting amusement products. We provide Wireless Accounting System Protocol (WASP) technology to monitor all locations remotely & run real-time reports.


Our games are fully approved and certified by the Nebraska Department of Revenue Charitable Gaming Division, Eclipse Testing Laboratories, and Gaming Laboratories International.

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