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Midwest Amusements provides various amusement devices to bars, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and other establishments. Midwest focuses on installing and servicing state-of-the-art multi-game skill machines and entertaining devices in locations to maximize profits, attract reoccurring play, and significantly increase revenue.


Players love Midwest Amusement's sleek casino-grade gaming cabinets, ergonomically designed and equipped with entertaining games and gorgeous graphics. Our cabinets feature high-definition, wide-screen displays, premium lighting & powerful sounds. Each of our multi-game platforms has 5 electrifying games and are available in dual 22" and 27" screens, and vertical 27", 32", 43" screen formats. 

Cabinets Available In:

43" Vertical Gaming Cabinet

32" Vertical Gaming Cabinet

22" and 27" Dual Screen Gaming Cabinet


With the Touch Tunes Juke Box, we bring your favorite music to your location in a convenient and modern way to allow you to control the music experience and be the DJ.  Thousands of songs available, including all the classics and the latest hits to choose from and share. Advanced music filters allow each venue to customize your music to the vibe and unique expression of your location.


We provide superior darts equipment, accessories, and supplies. Cutting-edge, advanced products that have exciting new features and functionalities for players. With 24/7 servicing and support, we guarantee that your amusements will be a thrill for league players and casual players alike.


We provide high-quality, durable, coin-operated pool tables with superior craftsmanship and reliable services. 

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